​How to keep an account

How to keep an account

The main difference between Instagram is that people come here exclusively for eye-catching content, while other social networks serve several purposes: communication, entertainment, and obtaining information (for example, talking with friends about a frying pan to buy as a gift). That is why to promote the brand you have to do anything, but give the user that very tasty picture. Several tools will help you. You can get free 50 likes at a good time for you.


Before registering an account on Instagram, you need to understand what can be your “trick”. If you plan to upload photos of your product from different angles, you will not achieve anything (it’s better to immediately give the budget to someone who urgently needs money). At this stage, you can not do without a coherent digital-strategy, sharpened for this social network. Consider its main components.


Look at successful brand accounts or just Instagram bloggers with many thousands of followers who may not be famous people. Each of them has some kind of idea. Perhaps the most famous example is the account of the photographer Murad Osmann and his project “Follow me”. Of course, some Madonna will just take a picture of herself in the mirror in the bathroom. If you are not Madonna, you will have to work much, much more. You must provide really interesting content, in the extreme case - useful, and at the same time not go far from your brand. Suppose you have an online candy store: no need to photograph the counter or copy the catalog of sweets. Take off a lot of beautiful still lifes with a different mood and lay out a couple a day.

# Content plan

This life-simplifying thing is usually always prescribed when drawing up a strategy. So, no matter what enterprising advertisers promise you, remember: an Instagram account is when less is better. Just imagine yourself in the place of a user who, yawning, opens an Instagram feed in the morning and instead of a selfie of friends in every second photo he sees, in fact, the advertising content of some brand. Remember what a news feed looks like on a smartphone. This is really a tape where you need to scroll through the photo from one to another, from interesting to even more attractive, and everything will immediately fall into place. That's right: everything that is boring and intrusive will only cause irritation and a desire to immediately refuse such a subscription.

As an example, let’s take the account of the manufacturer of household appliances Korting. According to the concept and the content plan, photos of delicious dishes with pleasant wishes were uploaded to the community several times a week, and only on Thursdays - branded content designed in the style of the company.

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